• Appropriate Clothing- Although it may be warm when you pick- up your rental, the weather will often get quite cool as you climb in elevation. Layers are recommended.
    • SunScreen- protect your skin! Increase in elevation puts you closer to the sun and you WILL burn faster.
    • Sunglasses or Goggles- Colorado trails are dry, dusty and rocky, so eye protection is HIGHLY recommended.
    • Wet weather gear- Colorado weather can change without notice, be prepared.
    • Appropriate footwear- No crocs, no flops. Well-fitting, durable footwear is recommended(hiking shoes/boots).
    • First Aid Kit-Accidents do happen, being prepared for minor medical issues is recommended.


  • Food and Water- Having extra food and water is always a great way to make sure that if you get lost or stranded you will be prepared.